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Property Restoration Process

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Why Bradley?
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Bradley Roofing, Inc., Roofing Contractors, Dallas, TX


What’s The First Step?

First, after a brief consultation with you, we will inspect the inside and outside of your property to assess any damage that has occurred.  Afterwards, we will provide a full report of all issues we have identified on the property and solutions to return the property to it's pre-loss condition.

Who Selects Your Contractor?

You do. It is your choice of whom you will choose as a contractor to repair your porperty.

When Does the Work Begin?

After our estimate is approved by you and/or your insurance company, then the insurance company will make your insurance draft payable to you and your mortgage company. This is common practice. Typically you will receive up to 50% of your claim amount shortly after your visit from an insurance adjuster. Once you receive the first check, you simply send the check to your mortgage company for their endorsement. The mortgage company will then return the amount to you to pay your contractor.

What If I Need Additional Help?

Please do not hesitate to call Bradley Roofing at (972) 480-1946 if you have questions or concerns about estimates and/or insurance claims for damage repairs to your roof.

Contact a Bradley Roofing Consultant today for a Complimentary Roof Inspection.